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Could Instagram be upping their game by adding new long-form videos? According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the social media platform may soon launch a new feature that will allow for long-form videos – videos that are over 10 minutes. If true, this could be a major revamp for the Facebook-owned service.

Currently, IG users are only able to post 60 seconds worth of video content in one public post (not including longer Instagram stories and live streaming).


If you’re not familiar with stories, here is a quick recap: Several popular social media platforms, including Snapchat and Facebook, provide the ability to post ‘stories’ to their followers. A “story” is a post that people create on their profiles, which automatically delete after 24 hours. These posts can be in the form of photos or videos, and on Instagram, they don’t show up on your profile grid or main IG feed. Instead, when you post a story, your name and profile picture appear at the top bar of Instagram with a colourful ring around it.

Long Form Video

If Instagram does introduce long-form videos, what would that mean for organizations?
The ability to share long-form video on Instagram could benefit organizations with loyal followings. Posting valuable, in-depth content while including strong call to actions, could increase engagement. The question is whether Instagram users prefer shorter format – scrolling & scanning, rather than digging deep into a topic.

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