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Advantis instructors train business communicators and marketing professionals in digital strategy in companies, associations and governments. Our trainers have delivered workshops across North America and their onsite and virtual training has helped communication teams drive measurable value.

Below is our current list of training workshops for that can be delivered both onsite and online. Review the core courses below and contact us at 416-848-1885 to see how Advantis instructors can elevate your team.

Social Media Trends Session



The significance of social media as a key customer and partner channel continues to grow. If your organization is spending resources on social media, take action now to hone in on your direction and move forwards faster to achieving your marketing and communication objectives.

The insights from Advantis’ Social Media Trends Session are based on:

  • our work with municipalities, associations and companies in the US and Canada
  • primary and secondary research
  • our singular focus on strategic social media communication.

This is not a laundry list of disconnected trends. It’s an opportunity to see what we’re seeing from the trenches and insights on the direction of social media based on experience, data and research.

To be effective, your team needs to stay on top of the evolving trends. This 60-minute live, online session also includes a report summarizing session highlights.

Learning Objectives

Following best practices for adult learning and sharing research and client experiences, an Advantis Partner will translate today’s social media trends to help attendees:

  • Understand the current social media state of the nation from multiple angles and what it means for organizations today
  • Distill today’s most relevant social media trends uncovering both the potential impact and the opportunity for organizations
  • Spark internal discussions of how your organization can improve your approach, capitalize on opportunities and increase ROI with your existing budget.

Learn more about how this actionable training can help your team by contacting Cyrus at 416-848-1885.

Mastering the Strategic Communication Planning Process


This training workshop explores the key elements of the strategic communication planning process. The focus is on developing plans aligned with strategy to effectively deliver the right tactics through the right channels for the right audience resulting in measureable business outcomes.

Following the premise of the Business Model for Communication Professionals, this interactive workshop is specifically designed to engage business communicators in hands-on learning about the business of strategic communication planning.

The motto for this training is “learning by doing”. The Advantis facilitator will employ interactive and mixed modalities to maximize the adult-learning experience including an interactive presentation, engaging exercises, innovative communication models and effective tools that can be immediately applied to help the communication planning process.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this custom workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the critical elements required to build a communications plan based on a framework that can be effectively used in every situation
  • Have an appreciation of the importance of following a proven process and adhering to global standards and proven best practices
  • Understand how to create S.M.A.R.T. communication objectives
  • Learn how to dissect and define any audience through simple, yet effective, research
  • Understand the importance of evaluation and measurement

To learn more about how this training can help your team, contact us at 416-848-1885.

Creating Compelling B2B Content for Social Media

Today’s challenge for business communicators and marketers is to grab, and keep, attention at a time when prospects have more choice, and are being bombarded by more messages than ever before. Most organizations struggle to provide their audiences with nourishing content – while their customers have more choices than ever.

The one critical success factor underlying every effective social media strategy is compelling content. What is the brain science behind making written, audio and video content engaging? How can you assess your own content to determine if it makes the grade? And how can you promote sharing and interaction?

Does your organization’s marketing and communication follow best practices, lead your competitors and stand up to the most powerful content on the web? If not, this session which has been delivered in both Canada and the United States to rave reviews, will answer the why and how to creating compelling content for social channels.

This presentation is relevant to every communication and marketing professional who touches the researching, producing, editing or publishing of content for either internal or external audiences.

Learning Objectives

Following the Content Marketer’s Pledge, the latest industry research and best practices for adult learning, this training for business communicators uncovers the core of what makes content compelling in today’s digital-first world. Attendees will learn what every business communicator must do to inspire their audience to action.

Concepts and tools discussed include:

  • Size really does matter – when it’s applied to headlines, words, sentences, links, video etc.
  • Free/low cost tools to make data sexy
  • What the secret ingredients are in making content shareable
  • The psychology behind sharing: Top five motives as to why people will share your stuff
  • The brain science showing why we should transform text into visuals
  • The top photography rules to make more powerful imagery
  • Best photo editing apps
  • Understand the reasons your organization may be falling short of your social content goals
  • Learn how to generate engaging content
  • Discover techniques to promote sharing and interaction

To learn more about how this training for business communicators can help your team, contact Advantis at 416-848-1885.

Video Storytelling for Communication Professionals


Since organizations are realizing the value that video brings to communication, you’ve likely been tasked with producing a few videos in-house. If you’re unsure of where to start, how to manage the process or if you want to save time and improve your success rate, then this course is for you.

This entertaining and interactive half-day course walks participants through each step in the video creation process from selling in the idea and securing budget to storyboarding, establishing goals, production and post-production to marketing and measuring the final video.

Learning Objectives

Following best practices for adult learning, this course is specifically designed to educate and engage participants so they understand how all the pieces of corporate movie making fit together. Blending instruction, video critiques and practical assignments, attendees will walk away with tips from the trenches, actionable advice and templates to implement immediately.

You and your team will learn how to:

• Design SMART objectives and strategies for successful video production
• Sell in the concept, and the budget, to your boss
• Write scripts with stories that keep your audience engaged
• Create effective storyboards with helpful techniques and tools
• Plan for post-production with key hacks, tricks and tips
• Determine the marketing strategy for the video
• Leverage the most effective channels for distribution and marketing
• Measure success based on outcomes
• Relay your success back to your funders to ensure your next video project gets approved

To learn more about how this training can help you and your team, contact Advantis at 416-848-1885.

LinkedIn Strategies for Sales Pros – Part I


The economy is evolving and the art of B2B selling ain’t getting any easier.

What would it be worth to you if:

  • More qualified prospects proactively reached out to your sales team?
  • Prospects viewed your sales reps as trusted advisors?
  • More decision makers participated in their sales meetings?

Yes, your sales reps are using LinkedIn, but have you audited them to ensure they’re using this powerful tool effectively? Do they know the hacks, tips and tricks that will help them shorten the sales cycle?

Learning Objectives

Following best practices for adult learning, sharing research and physically showing how to manage key features within LinkedIn, Advantis’ LinkedIn Social Sales Success Training will help everyone on your sales and marketing team:

  • Be found when prospects are in pain and searching for help
  • Refine, manage and measure their personal LinkedIn profile
  • Understand how to use the Social Selling Index to set themselves up for success
  • Position themselves as industry thought leaders
  • Maximize the business value from the time spent using LinkedIn
  • Understand best practices for sharing content with their community

To learn more about how this training can help your team, contact Advantis at 416-848-1885.

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Sales Pros – Part 2


Your sales reps have graduated from Advantis’ Leveraging LinkedIn Like a Sales Pro course and are implementing their newfound knowledge on a consistent basis. Now it’s time to boost sales by stepping-up their game and advancing their skillset to:

  • Improve their efficiency and effectiveness of searching and connecting with key prospects
  • Decode proven PR strategies that successful business leaders use for finding and creating valuable, shareable content to position themselves as industry thought leaders

What would it be worth if your team could quickly move sales forward by:

  • More effectively uncovering potential leads in their territory
  • Successfully connecting with high potential leads and breaking into new accounts on their own
  • Being recognized by prospects as industry resources and trusted advisors
  • Sharing personal wins and best social selling practices across the entire team

Having learned critical tips, tricks and hacks to using LinkedIn successfully in the first Advantis sales training course, this advanced level session will help your reps shorten the entire sales cycle from finding and connecting with a new prospect to feeding the prospect nourishing content that advances the sale.

Learning Objectives

Following best practices for adult learning, sharing research and physically showing how to manage key features within LinkedIn, Advantis’ LinkedIn Social Sales Success Training will help everyone on your sales and marketing team:

  • Mitigate risk and maximize the business value: personal vs professional online brands
  • Learn how to leverage the free LinkedIn search functionality to:
    • Effectively prospect, search and filter profiles and confidently connect with key contacts
    • Connect with someone they don’t know
    • Automate important searches
    • Understand best practices for creating and sharing relevant news and content with their community:
    • What makes content shareable
    • Credible content sources and creating compelling content: standing out from the pack with visuals and multimedia content
    • Building your presence by telling your story through content and engagement
    • Measuring LinkedIn success

To learn more about how this practical training can help your team, contact Advantis at 416-848-1885.

Cracking the Code to Your Personal Brand Online


Everyone on the leadership team knows you and the value you deliver. However, beyond the office walls, how do others see you? Are you a blip or beacon on the virtual radar? If first impressions are so important, what have you done to strategically design your online personal brand to ensure your future bosses, partners and employees are connecting with your authentic story?

Taking the time to assess, define and build your personal brand online will help you position yourself for maximum positive impact.

Through dissecting The Business Model To Promote & Protect Your Personal Brand Online, Cyrus shares insight, invites introspection and offers actionable advice so you can design and maintain an effective online personal brand.

Learning Objectives

Following the four phases in the model (Audit, Analyze, Address & Amplify), attendees will learn every aspect of promoting and protecting their personal brand online including:

  • Understanding the true impact of social media on your personal brand
  • How to access free, easy-to-use tools to help attendees reach success in their quest of building their personal brand online
  • Leveraging new knowledge of tactics and real-life case studies that attendees can apply the same day to improving their own personal brand

To learn more about how this training for business communicators can help your team, contact Advantis at 416-848-1885.

Act Like an Agency


After success with a US conference speaking engagement, Cyrus partnered with Adrian Cropley to develop the Act Like An Agency program. This suite of tailored in-house or virtual training workshops is packed with brain-stretching workouts that help communication professionals evolve from tacticians to strategic business partners in their organization. Cyrus and Adrian bring together two diverse skill sets from opposite sides of the globe. As accredited business communicators, they know how to deliver value to their clients. And they train communication professionals around the world to do the same.

To learn more about how this training can help your team, contact Advantis at 416-848-1885.

Following best practices for adult learning, Advantis’ interactive workshops are specifically designed to engage attendees in hands-on learning on topics from social media to media relations and video production to becoming a strategist within the organization.

Empower your employees with confidence building training using Advantis’ Premium Professional Development. Onsite or online, our interactive training sessions employ interactive and mixed modalities to maximize the learning experience and are led by Advantis Partners with specific learning objectives.

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