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What is a Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is a systematic process used to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media presence. A social media audit gauges the impact of your organization’s social media tactics and determine if these efforts support your stated communication objectives.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

The Advantis Social Media Health Check is a proven method for conducting a comprehensive social media audit. Typically organizations invest in social media because it can be a cost effective tool to connect with and share messages with target audiences. However, creating a social media presence is only the first step. Relevant and engaging content must be provided on an ongoing basis. And it must be done without falling into the trap of using social media as a broadcast tool – ignoring opportunities to truly communicate with prospects, customers and suppliers.

Are you maximizing the value of your social media presence? Whether you’ve been engaged in social media for years, or are just dipping your toes into the water now, the Advantis Social Media Health Check provides you with a framework for success.

Download the Advantis Social Media Health Check Fast Fact Sheet. 

Bring Clarity & Focus to Your Social Efforts

Anyone can generate metrics, but to unlock business value, your social media approach should inform strategy moving forwards. Our detailed social media audit evaluates your key platforms, content and communities and provides actionable tactics designed to immediately improve your social media ROI. Our communication research and analytics will:

  • Provide new insights that will help you make tough decisions and inform future communication strategies
  • Create a baseline from which you can measure, quantify and assess future social media efforts
  • Highlight specific industry best practices that you can immediately apply to benefit your business
  • Provide a snapshot of what your key competitors are doing in this space
  • Issue clear recommendations so you can take the appropriate next steps both immediately and long-term, including: Which immediate actions are required to align your organization with social media best practices? Which long-term strategic actions will encourage community and engagement, focusing on prospects, customers and partners?

The Advantis Advantage

  • Our approach combines the best tools for the job with our social media knowledge, communication expertise and business acumen
  • Advantis experts regularly speak at conferences and conduct training workshops on social media
  • Advantis experts develop educational content and teach Social Media Strategy and Communication Management at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
  • Our analytical, senior team fuses together social media strategy, implementation, monitoring and training for organizations including: CPA Canada, College of Dietitians of Ontario, Grand & Toy,  and Teranet. We also have expertise in municipal social media.

Book an Advantis Social Media Health Check by contacting Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC at or call 416-848-1885.

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