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Content Creation

Our ongoing industry research benefits you.

Because our goal is to continually improve your marketing outcomes, we’re always investigating new strategies, tools and processes that will more efficiently achieve your business objectives.

As agents of change through communication, every Advantis team member works to uncover the most impactful ways to tell, and share, your stories online. That’s why we focus on producing compelling content in four high-impact areas: Interactive Video, Video & Animation, Thought Leadership Bylines and High Stakes Presentations.

58% of B2B companies say their content doesn’t create enough opportunity for engagement (Demand Metrics: Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey). The Advantis team creates engaging content that speaks directly to your business audience.

Becoming a master of technology is the easy part. It’s leveraging our deep integrated communication expertise and focusing on your business objectives that allows us to deliver engaging content that delivers your message in a credible, memorable and sharable way.

Interactive Video

Advantis is a leader in Interactive Video. We turn passive viewers into active participants by empowering viewers to control and personalize their path through your video. We give the viewer control so they stay longer, watch more video, take specific actions and provide you with video analytics so you can truly measure the business impact of your video investment.

Everyone pays lip service to the buyer journey, but just how different would your buyers’ experience be if they:

  • Were empowered to choose what parts of the video they wanted to watch
  • Could take immediate actions like going directly to a landing page or download a whitepaper
  • Could answer a quiz or poll without leaving the video
  • Could enter data like their name and email that could be integrated directly into your CRM system

If you’re ready to create new interactive videos or transform your existing videos into highly interactive visual stories learn more about Interactive Video here.

Video Production & Animation

Live shoots, animated videos, motion graphics, green screen and more. Our team has done it, and we’ve done it in a city near you – whether you live in the US or Canada. We shoot across North America to capture your employees, customers and partners in their own habitats. Regardless of whether we’re at a trade show, in a bioscience lab or a manufacturing facility, we produce engaging content that supports your message and resonates with your target audience. Find out more about our turnkey video production and animation services.

Thought Leadership Bylines

Editorial…Is your talent the best kept industry secret? Would your sales cycle be shorter if prospects saw your team as credible industry experts? The award-winning public relations team at Advantis not only writes magazine cover worthy headlines and articles, but we also get them placed as editorial content in top-tier business and industry magazines across the US and Canada. If you want your team to be interviewed as credible industry experts in key print and online media outlets, learn more about our proven Thought Leadership Articles program.

High Stakes Presentations

Does your CEO have an upcoming presentation where the outcome can have a significant business impact and the audience has high expectations? Perhaps it’s a state of the nation address to employees, an executive overview to investors or a summary for potential partners.

Advantis creatives write, design and build transformative presentations using unified communications and innovative tactics that provide a memorable experience and motivate audiences to action. If you want to give your executives the support and tools they need to discover and then passionately share their story, then read more about our experience with producing high impact presentations.