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Interactive Video

What is Interactive Video?

Imagine a video where instead of passive viewers dropping off after 20 seconds, the viewer can control and personalize their path through the video, accessing the content they care about most, taking multiple calls to action. Interactive video makes this possible. With viewer engagement and interaction also comes detailed analytics offering deep data insights that are simply not possible with traditional linear video.

Interactive Video boosts your numbers across the board

Completion Rate1


Linear Video


Interactive Video

Click-Through Rate2


Linear Video


Interactive Video

Engagement Rate3


Linear Video


Interactive Video

These are the types of statistics you’ll see because interactive video:

  • Turns passive viewers into active participants
  • Enables viewers to select the content they watch
  • Empowers viewers to take actions such as download a whitepaper, click through to a landing page, complete a form or poll and share content on social platforms
  • Provides viewer engagement and analytics that are unheard of with traditional linear videos
  • Provides three to four times the viewing time
  • Increases the completion rate by 35% (Forrester)
  • Provides 2 – 20% the click-through-to-purchase rates (Business Insider)
  • Offers a real engagement rate of 78% that times a standard linear video

Common Interactive AnnotationsAdvantis Interactive Video Flyer

Advanced Analytics

Combining storytelling with data integration and acquisition allows you to directly correlate actions by your viewers with business metrics you’ve already established. So now your measurable interactive videos can help with lead generation, scoring and audience development. And every interaction in your video means you receive detailed analytics of what actions the viewer is actually taking. No more guessing if viewers are watching the entire video or when they dropped off. Advantis offers you detailed data insights into how exactly your video is performing and what actions were actually taken by viewers.

These newly available insights will help you strategically optimize your campaign on the fly and evaluate your success on meeting your business objectives. With Advantis’ ongoing analytics reporting you can finally track your real progress and prove to management the ROI of your video investment.

Interactive Video provides new data to track not only how effective your videos are, but ensures your optimization efforts deliver your desired improvements. We can adjust all the interactions without having to re-shoot any video.

With the interactivity of a website, Advantis Interactive Videos ensure that content is tailored for every viewer. We’re experts in the field and have been interviewed about how marketing can better leverage video in the National Post. 

Contact us at 888-239-2999 to learn more about how Advantis’ Interactive Video can evolve your marketing.

Interactive Video Examples

Want to experience interactive video in action? Try out a few recently produced interactive videos below! We can add interactivity to your existing videos – no need to re-shoot or reproduce the video. Have we piqued your interest? Give us a call – we’d be happy to chat.

Interactive Recruitment Video

Concept: Client needed a recruitment tool that would increase the number of relevant submissions for their open positions.

Interactivity:  Viewers can choose to view any topic within the video or search jobs at any time during the video. The call to action screen also links directly to the career portal. Analytics provide insight into what matters most to prospective candidates.

Advantis Role: Client provided background on each interviewee. Advantis was responsible for the entire project from shooting & capturing key messages in various cities to post production, interactive architecture, marketing and demonstrating ROI.

Interactive Training Video

Concept: Client needed self serve training material to reduce the demand load on its training department.

Interactivity:  Rather than being forced to watch the entire video to find the nugget of information they need, viewers can select their topic of interest from the interactive chapter menu at the top left of the screen. Analytics from the video provides insight as to which topics may require further marketing support.

Advantis Role: Advantis was responsible for the entire project from scripting, to storyboarding, all approvals, editing and motion graphics, and the interactive architecture for 10 interactive training videos.

Interactive  Conference Promo Video

Concept: Client needed to raise awareness and registrations for thier annual conference.

Interactivity:  The video presents viewers with choice screens where they can select the topic they want more information on. Multiple call to actions bring the viewer directly to the conference registration page.

Advantis Role: Advantis was responsible for the entire project from scripting, to storyboarding, all approvals, editing and motion graphics, and the interactive architecture.

Interactive Testimonial Video

Concept: Cyrus Mavalawala, Advantis’ founder, needed a testimonial video highlighting a recent keynote he delivered.

Interactivity:  The video presents viewers with choice screens where they can select the topic they want more information on. A menu on the left hand enables viewers to watch the topics they are most interested in, or they click follow a link to book Cyrus for their next event.

Advantis Role: Advantis was responsible for shooting, story boarding, securing all approvals, editing and motion graphics, and the interactive architecture.

Interactive Demo Reel

Concept: Advantis’ demo reel showcases some of our recent work plus interactivity in action.

Interactivity: Prospects can complete an in-video lead generation form, click to watch any segment they are interested in, or click directly in the video through to our website.

Advantis Role: Advantis’ team of professional communicators, editors, videographers and motion graphics artists ensure your business objectives are met.

Interactive Video – Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Concept:  Advantis created this video to showcase the Ontario Public School Board’s testimonial of our founder’s recent keynote speach

Interactivity: Meeting and event planners can click on the chapter menu to advance to any topic or they can click right in the video to contact Cyrus or download his speaker profile.

Advantis Role: Advantis managed the entire process, including shooting, editing and interactivity.

Advantis’ Video Production Process

Concept: How does Advantis bring your story to life?

Interactivity:  Learn about Advantis’ video production process. Viewers can choose to learn about any step in the video production process by clicking on the step or on the left hand corner of the screen.

(Click on the play button to interact with video)