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As IABC’s Immediate Past International Chair and the Group Director of Communications, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for the UK government, Russell Grossman, ABC knows a thing or two about being a business communicator.

While I was in New York City presenting at the IABC World Conference, I arranged a ‘CommsCrusader’ video interview with Russell. Why you ask? It’s easy to listen to Russell because his sage advice is peppered with dry British humour. If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy a conversation with Russell I’d recommend tracking him down at a future IABC event.

OK, there’s no excuse for not having this video up earlier, but although this shoot was conducted over a year ago, the advice Russell provides is as relevant today as it was then. And quite frankly, will continue to be relevant for years to come because the business world shows no signs of slowing down.

In this three minute video, Russell answers three questions:

• What are the key issues facing communication professionals today?

• How do you ensure your team operates at the intersection of business and communication?

• How can communication professionals future-proof their careers?

Do you feel squeezed by these same pressures?

The pace of change and the expectations of the communication function is only increasing, regardless of what continent you’re on. I’m sure my colleagues like Dr. Amanda Hamilton-Attwell in South Africa or Felicia Shiu, ABC, APR in Hong Kong would agree to this. Yes this presents a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity for communication professionals around the globe to focus on providing value to their leaders and build important trusted relationships with their leadership team.

Operating at the Intersection of Business and Communications

Anyone who knows me, or has participated in an Act Like An Agency workshop, knows that this topic is close to my heart. Simply put, any advice on this topic is valuable because it’s a communication professional’s ticket to open ears at the C-suite and a successful career path. If you’ve earned IABC’s ABC accreditation, Russell’s ABC approach (Audiences, Brevity & Conversation) will make you smile as it did for me.

Future-Proofing Your Communications Career

Having the benefit of time, do you think Russell’s prediction in 2013 has panned out or do the changes he so aptly describes need more time to materialize? Or perhaps seasoned communication professionals have been doing this all along? I welcome your thoughts on this subject in the comments section below.

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