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In recent blog posts, Twitter for Customer Service – Questions from the Front Line Question 1 and Question 2, we shared some common questions raised by attendees during a recent Twitter for Customer Service training session.

The third question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind was:

  • “What do we do when we’re not sure how to respond to an inbound Tweet?”

Introducing social media as a platform for customer service requires extensive pre-planning. One of the first tasks is to hammer out new workflows.

Although you can anticipate common, run-of the mill questions that typically come in, inbound comments can be unpredictable. A comment appears, it is evaluated, based on the nature of the tweet different actions can follow. The new workflows must guide  customer service folks and show how to escalate a tweet should they not know how to handle it.

Workflows must also show what happens in the event of a crisis – which begs the question, does your organization have a social media policy and a social media crisis action plan? To help bolster your customer service team’s confidence that they can confidently handle anything that comes their way, provide them with ample time to familiarize themselves with the tool, practice with potential scenarios and provide them with sample responses they can model.

If you have any questions regarding how to use Twitter for customer service, feel free to leave us a comment.