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In a recent blog post, Twitter for Customer Service – Questions from the Front Line #1, we shared some common questions we received from attendees during one of our recent Twitter for Customer Service sessions. The second most asked question was:


“Must we respond to every Tweet that mentions our brand name?”

In striving to be responsive and to continue to provide the exceptional customer service that they were known for, the attendees were wondering if that meant they had to respond to every instance a customer mentioned them on Twitter.

The short answer is no. Not every mention of your brand name will require a response, but don’t forget the goal of the customer service department is to resolve the customer’s issue in a professional, timely and efficient manner. Your customer service team will need to be prepared to handle a variety of inbound comments on Twitter and they will need to know what action or response is acceptable.

Typical inbound comments can be categorized into seven buckets including:

  1. General inquiries
  2. Comments and compliments from happy customers
  3. Comments and complaints from unhappy customers
  4. Questions about your products or services
  5. Comments where a customer may have shared incorrect information about your products
  6. Services or policies
  7. Bashing (hopefully rare)

Each comment should be evaluated to see if a response is warranted. Providing your team with typical sample scenarios and vetted responses, will help guide them provide the best responses time and time again.

In the next post we’ll discuss the last question raised by this team. Does your organization have a dedicated customer service account on Twitter? If so, what is your favourite tip? Feel free to leave us a comment. Stay tuned!