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As issues around user privacy continue to burn bright, Facebook is rolling out a privacy prompt to encourage users to review their data controls.

The pop-up alert encourages users to review the information they share on the platform, while reminding them of how this data could potentially be used by Facebook and its partners. The intent is to encourage users to carefully review their setting preferences and make any necessary adjustments.

Facebook’s New Customized Message

According to Facebook, the new customized message will prompt users to review how Facebook does the following:
• How they use data from partners to show more relevant advertising
• Political, religious, and relationship information people have chosen to include on their profiles
• How they use face recognition, including for features that help protect your privacy
• Updates to their terms of service and data policy that they announced in April

Food for thought: Will this action help Facebook increase users’ trust in the platform? And, as Andrew Hutchinson points out in a recent Social Media Today article, do users truly understand the extent to which their digital footprint can be profiled and used against them?

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