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As communicators living in a tech-advanced, digital age we need to stay on the cutting edge – we need to be aware of the latest platform updates so we can incorporate these changes and use them to our organization’s advantage. So, what happened this week?

Facebook’s 3D Photos

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that sometime this summer, they would introduce a new feature that allows users to create 3D photos. This technology will allow you to take your flat 2D photos and transform them into something that appears real. For those of you who are curious as to how these photos will appear, Tech Crunch has some examples.

But how will Facebook’s 3D images impact marketers and communicators? There’s no doubt that 3D photos will grab people’s attention. It’s new, it’s unique, it’s interesting. And since these images are so different from static images and video, they will stand out in feeds. 3D photos will allow companies to publicize and promote their products and services in a more interactive way.

LinkedIn’s New Carousel Ads

LinkedIn is on a roll making their social media platform more effective for their users while continuously updating their advertising offerings. This week, they’ve added carousel ads for sponsored content. Carousel is an advertising format where products are presented as ‘slides’ and users simply have to swipe left for more content. Carousel ads allow a maximum of 10 cards per carousel ad, each with its own customizable message. Now, B2B companies will have the opportunity to create a more interactive and efficient way to showcase their products and services on LinkedIn.

But it’s not just LinkedIn that has seen the opportunity in updating their ad options. Several other social media platforms including Reddit are also upping their advertising options. This week, Reddit has added native auto-play video ads to go along with the platform’s recent redesign.

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