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This week, several social media platforms have announced enhancements of interest to B2B organizations – let’s check them out!


This week, LinkedIn has released two useful forms of content:

1. LinkedIn has released a new employee advocacy program checklist. Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization’s content through its staff. Whether you have a large staff or small staff, the key is that they act as a channel for amplification. They spread the word about your products and services, ultimately helping you reach a wider audience. To increase the chances of employees willingly engaging and sharing your content, it needs to be authentic and compelling. This checklist can help companies establish the fundamentals of employee advocacy.

2. The social media platform also published a new report looking at workplace culture trends, specifically on what makes modern day employees stay with their particular employers. 70% of employees say they would not work at a company with negative workplace culture, while 65% of employees would be willing to give up a high paying position in exchange for a better working environment. But what is ‘good workplace culture’? According to the report, employees are more likely to stay with a company if they feel as though they belong, if there are valuable benefits, and if they feel supported.

Why does this matter? In many tech B2B organizations, the competition to attract top technical talent is stiff – you need to intentionally create a positive and rewarding environment for your employees in order for them to want to stay.

Recently, the Advantis team helped IMAGINiT Technologies develop an interactive recruitment video. This video was created as a tool to showcase company culture and to help increase the number of relevant job applications. The video portrays a number of employees discussing positive elements about working at the company.


Twitter is introducing new measures to help tackle online trolls and spam bots on the platform. In the past, users would easily be able to sign up for a Twitter account but now, Twitter requires email or phone number confirmation from every new member. This new measure will help limit the number of fake accounts. The social media platform is also in the process of improving their detection measures to block people from making numerous accounts with the same IP address, while also developing machine learning algorithms that automatically search for problematic accounts rather than waiting for somebody to flag or report them.

These new measures should benefit brands by reducing the overall noise in their Twitter metrics.

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