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Twitter has enabled all users to view the data on how many views their videos receive.

Twitter now joins the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in providing their users with this ability. With view counts being publicized on Twitter, videos’ performances can now be compared to the other three platforms and can also help in evaluating which platform your audience is most receptive to.

How are views counted?
Twitter: A view is counted when the video has played for at least two seconds and while at least 50 per cent of it is in view.
Facebook: A view is counted three seconds after the video has played.
Instagram: A view is counted three seconds after the video has played. On Instagram Stories, a view is counted as soon as it’s opened.
YouTube: A view is counted after the video has played for 30 seconds. Or, based on the video length, a view is counted after a relative percentage of the video has played.

If you run a video as both an organic tweet and a Promoted Video ad, Twitter combines the organic and paid views into a total view count that appears on the organic tweet and the video ad respectively. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook also do not distinguish between organic and paid views. Whether or not view counts actually indicate viewer interest will be up to the publisher to decide on and develop a strategy accordingly.

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