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If you read our last YouTube blog post, Top 5 Ways Your Business Is Failing On YouTube, and any of the points resonated with you, you’re probably wondering how you can start pulling your channel’s socks up today!

Here are the top five ways to make sure your business’ channel is successful on YouTube:

Success #1 – Make your channel beautiful

Just like building a house, you should start with strong architecture and follow that up with a touch of design beauty. The architecture of your YouTube Channel should consist of playlists – a group of videos that play one video after the other and increase watch-time. Consider some of the following playlists and see which makes sense for your company:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Careers at [Your Company Name]
  • Client Work
  • Event Playlists
  • Campaign Playlists
  • Product Demos

Once you have your playlists set up and all existing videos are organized within them, you can download YouTube’s Channel Art Specs. However, to do so, you must have Photoshop as the download is a .PSD file (link here). Make sure you’re using your brand colours and logo, and that you’re adhering to brand guidelines.

Success #2 – Harness the power of the platform

Use proper techniques when writing the title, description and tags for a YouTube video. Use the Google Keyword Tool to discover industry keywords for the title & tags, and include the URL to your website at the beginning of the description so it is always visible. When appropriate, use YouTube’s other tools like Annotations to further entice the viewer to move through the sales funnel.

Success #3 – You have great video quality

Invest in the trifecta of good-quality video:

  1. HD video camera
  2. Lav mic
  3. Portable lighting

Success #4 – Emphasize the “social” of “social media”

Option 1: When your video is uploading, use the Facebook Twitter and Google+ sharing buttons for a quick, one-step post (outlined in red below).

Option 2: If you’d rather customize your posts on each individual platform, copy and paste the shortlink YouTube provides you with (outlined in yellow below).

Success #5 – Monitor & measure the success of your video

Take advantage of YouTube Analytics – view them by clicking the bar graph under your video player.

And if you’d like some more robust monitoring tools on hand, look into using something like Radian6.

To help you remember these tactics, feel free to save this checklist:

If you have any questions about how set your channel up successfully, the Advantis team would be happy to help! Drop us a line below.