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Whenever I travel for work I try to squeeze in opportunities to catch-up with colleagues with whom I don’t get to see every day. Such was the case when I was speaking in Chicago on how to Act Like An Agency. It was in this beautiful and windy city where I had the chance to speak with my friend and colleague, Dr. Amanda Hamilton-Attwell.

Based in South Africa, Amanda’s organization, Business DNA, focuses on giving stakeholders a voice and improving productivity and attitudes within organizations. Her team specializes in organizational communication, customer service, employee and business development.

Since every communicator today, regardless of geography or industry, is challenged to do more with fewer resources, I asked Amanda to provide her point of view on the critical factors that underpin effective communication. Knowing that Amanda is a big proponent of strategically leveraging research to ensure business objectives are met, I thought she would have some good insights.

If you’re not familiar with the CommsCrusaders series, check out this video interview to get a better understanding of what you’ll learn in each episode. And after you hear what Amanda has to say, drop me a line with your thoughts. Would you add anything else to the mix? Did you notice Amanda’s maple leaf?

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