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“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.”
The above quote rings true when applied to the realm of social media, and whether your social media focus is B2B, B2C or strictly personal, the following abbreviations will help you become a sharing pro.

  1. HT – Hat Tip or Heard Through: This abbreviation indicates who made you aware of the information you are posting. If you learned the information from someone else it’s nice to acknowledge that source.
  2. MT – Modified Tweet: These letters are used to repost a Tweet that has been altered in some way. If you change anything or alter a single word, you are at risk of changing the context. Use MT to notify your followers of any modifications.
  3. RT – Retweet: Here’s a familiar face. You can retweet an entire message with the click of a mouse, but manually writing a retweet allows you to add your thoughts to an existing one. The Tweet starts with RT, followed by a @mention and ends with the original Tweet.
  4. CC – Carbon-Copy: Used in the same fashion as a CC on an email, use this text to copy the message to another @user.
  5. PRT – Please Retweet: A request for your followers to RT your message. This may also be used to express a Partial Retweet, which is similar to MT.
If you have any questions about Twitter abbreviations or have any new ones to share, please comment below!
Photo credit: Toonz