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Developing content for specific audiences can be a challenge.  In particular, reaching a web-savvy younger demographic who are not embracing traditional media such as TV and radio might just the hardest task of all.  One company, Red Bull, has taken a unique approach to this problem and gone to enormous lengths to put their brand in front of this audience.  The company created Red Bull Media House to produce all kinds of content designed to appeal to their customers such as music, videos and even feature films.  The company realizes that their target audience will embrace branded content with open arms if they are engaged by it.

How many shots of Red Bull brand are in this trailer?

Seven by my count, yet the six million who have viewed it aren’t bothered at all.  Why?  The content is actually what they are looking for and want to see.  Energy drinks want the attention of an active generation, so they funded something that their audience would actually pay to see.  Does it instantly translate into sales?  No, not likely, but if you put it together with Red Bull’s sponsorship of extreme sports and their investment in music and interesting web content, you can see the company is building a potentially life-long relationship with their audience.

Obviously, not every company has Red Bull’s financial resources, but as you embark on the creation of content for your audience, look at this example and ask yourself?  Is this something my target audience will be excited to watch? Or is this just really sales content that no will want to see?   The former will generate views, conversation and brand loyalty. The latter will not engage audiences and likely be a waste of precious resources.