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Thought Leadership

The VPs of Marketing or Directors of Communication who hire us mention they have great products or services, but say they’re frustrated because they’ve tried to get into the news headlines, but haven’t had much traction. Or, when their teams are out in the field selling, they say their offering doesn’t have as much industry credibility required to shorten their sales cycle. We’ve helped overcome these challenges through thought leadership marketing by positioning their employees as industry experts among their peers in the US and Canada.

Advantis packages the writing of thought leadership articles with securing prime editorial placement in top-tier trade publications. Your dedicated Advantis contact will position your team as industry experts in the news outlets that reach your target audience.

Experience has taught us that anyone can type, few can write and only rarely can an individual successfully write and edit all on their own. Every piece of written work that Advantis delivers has been professionally written and then edited independently by an experienced editor. This extra effort saves our clients time and money during the approval process.

And yes, different industries and audiences require different content. Our team of both writers and editors create thought provoking byline articles, deep technical white papers, and biographies where personalities shine through. If it requires words, we’ve probably written one.

Here’s a sampling of projects that clients request:

Public Relations

  • By-lined articles
  • Case studies & success stories
  • Internal communications
  • Matte stories
  • News releases
  • Newsletters
  • Press kits
  • Public relations plans
  • Speech writing
  • Website audits
  • Website writing (search engine optimized)
  • White papers


  • Biographies
  • Marketing collateral
  • Sales kits
  • Sell sheets
  • Strategic planning document
  • Video scripts