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Social Media Examiner recently released their 6th annual 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.  They surveyed over 2,800 marketers from the U.S., U.K., Canada and beyond.

More than half were B2C marketers, while 41% reported businesses as their primary target. 21% of respondents were from companies with over 100 employees.

Of particular note were the responses when asked how marketers plan on changing their use of content in the near future:

  • 81% plan to increase their use of original written content
  • 73% plan to increase their use of original video content
  • 70% plan on increasing their use of original visual images

It is clear from these figures that marketers consider original content key to a successful content marketing program. And this is no surprise as we all know that content drives social media. The question to ask is to what extent “original content” will truly be original and differentiated? It takes a lot of planning, reflection and know-how to craft key messages and package them in a way that is easily and voraciously consumed by target audiences.

Tip #1

Always consider your audience first when deciding on which medium to share your content. Is the audience more technical in nature? Predominantly female? Are they older, younger or middle age? The audience provides clues to content preferences.

Tip #2

Take time to consider which medium is best suited for the content you want to share. Some content is better left to long form white papers, whereas other content may be best delivered via video. Consider where in the sales cycle the content fits and what prospects need most at that point in time.

Tip #3

Plan, plan, plan and then refine. Producing original content takes the right resources, and by planning the content, format and delivery schedule up-front, you ensure that time and resources are used efficiently and the content resonates with the intended audiences.

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