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This week in social media Twitter announced they would be rolling out new profile designs as well as some new key features for users.

Many of the updates seem to be taking a page from the Facebook book.

Updates include:


1.) Larger Profile Picture and Header Image

Benefits: More freedom with design. Whether you want to entice users to follow you with an intriguing design or use that space for marketing purposes and key messages, there is more than double the space than previously available.


2.) Enlarged Popular Tweets

Benefits: Your most loved tweets might get more eyes on them. Tweets with more favourites and retweets will appear in a much larger font.

3.) Pinned Tweets

Benefits: Forget about losing your most important message in the sea of Tweets going out, you can now pin a Tweet to the top of your profile (much like we’ve been able to do on Facebook pages).

4.) Filtered Tweets

Benefits: Time? Waste not! Choose what you want to see while checking out other Twitter profiles. You can choose to see Tweets only, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets with replies.

Check out the images below to see what the new design will look like (Source: Twitter Blog).


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