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When you think of B2B video, do you think Boring-to-Boring?

A typical challenge that many B2B organizations face when producing video is taking their complex subject matter and developing a story that is interesting, engaging and easy to digest.

You could argue that technical viewers are happy enough to watch the ‘meat’ of it – assets devoid of marketing frills and special effects — simple screencasts with voiceovers comes to mind, and this may be OK in some situations.
But regardless of how technical your industry is, at the end of the day it’s people who are viewing your video. So although it needs to be educational, it still needs to be clear and entertaining.

And there will come a time when you the marketer will be asked to produce a video to launch a product, to explain a process, to recruit new talent, and so on. And in all of these cases, you will be tasked with producing a video that differentiates your organization and wows your viewers.

But how do you do that? In addition to employing the tips we’ve already talked about in the four previous blog posts on producing video, one of the most memorable ways of differentiating your video is to include a clever twist.

IBM took this approach when they produced the viral A Boy and His Atom video:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]

Rather than take the traditional approach of interviewing their researchers about their cutting edge research, they produced a video showing their prowess with some of the tiniest particles on earth – a video that can only be viewed when magnified 100 million times. Taking a different perspective as this video introduces a clever twist – and makes it memorable.

Humour, as in this video by Canvas, can also be used as a clever twist in B2B video. A single humorous video may not convert prospects in droves, but as every video should be incorporated into a wider corporate strategy, humorous video will help you increase shares and stand out.

A clever twist can also take the form of presenting your product or process creatively, via an animated explainer video like this one for example. Video is visual, and that means you can and should push the envelope.

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