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This is the fourth installment in our series of blog posts about producing video that is engaging and moves the needle when it comes to marketing measurement.  Today’s topic is about ensuring production value delights the viewer.

Corporate marketers often underestimate the effort it takes to produce a B2B video that is delightful to watch. For instance, if you are featuring speakers in your video, you need to spend time ensuring that the final product has strong, clear audio, great lighting that compliments the person on screen, and an attractive backdrop (or at the very least one that isn’t distracting!).

Production value that delights means the viewer is not straining to hear the audio over background noise or supplementary music. Another way to delight viewers is to avoid the talking head syndrome –  adding breaks, text and imagery in a video makes for a far more interesting video! Check this video out for pace and variety:

Another mistake is trying to include too many messages: challenging the viewer to watch the video, listen to the speaker and read the text on screen – all at the same time – will cause them to miss key points. If the viewer has to put effort into figuring out your video, they will drop off well before the end.

Which corporate videos have left a positive impression on you? Feel free to share what you think made that video so memorable in the comments section below!