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Now that you already know the importance of keeping your messages simple and producing a compelling story from our two earlier posts we’re going to dive into part three of producing great B2B videos.

A Compelling Call to Action

The third key ingredient in every B2B video is engaging your viewer with a keen call to action. To make this work, you need to understand where your prospect is in the sales process. If you have done your homework and planned carefully at the onset, you will have mapped out the sales process and identified any gaps in education or product knowledge that could influence your prospect’s decision making process. For each of those gaps you would have identified the best content to fill that need and the format your content would have to take to appeal to your audience (video, white paper, case study, etc). Using this Advantis approach ensures that you are nurturing the needs of prospect at each step as they come closer to consider your offering.

By mapping specific and targeted content to your prospect’s discovery process, you will create pieces of collateral that intentionally connect and steer your prospect in the right direction. You will also have clear insight into the most appropriate call to action.

Inviting prospects to visit your website at the end of a video may drive some traffic, but conversion will likely be low since they are greeted with a general landing page.  It is far better to direct them to a specific page that compliments the content they just consumed in your video. Perhaps it is an invitation to download a more in-depth piece about the technology powering your solution or an automatic form inviting the viewer to schedule a demo. What content would best fit and does it currently exist in your marketing arsenal or will you have to develop it?

Today’s key takeaway? Make every video support your sales process and help the viewer along in their discovery process by serving up a compelling and clear call to action.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of the 5 Essential Ingredients for B2B Video Success where we will discuss how production value makes all the difference! If you have any questions about the effectiveness of using video in your sales process, feel free to post it below.