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Regardless of whether you’re new to video or have been producing video for years, you’ve probably asked one question. And it’s the same question we’re often asked — What are the keys to developing a great video to support the B2B sales process? In an earlier post we discussed the importance of keeping it simple. In this post we’ll explore the importance of developing a compelling story.

Hollywood Tears

Hollywood block blusters stories are made compelling by adding tearjerker scenes or involving characters in intense, smash‘ em up action. Directors are skilled at drawing out emotion in the audience. Why do they do this? The more the audience becomes emotionally involved in the story, the more memorable the movie.

The More Pain the Better

To create a greater level of engagement with your next B2B video, try focusing on generating engagement by addressing the prospect’s pain. A prospect will only start truly listening to you once they feel that you understand their unique challenges. And we’re not just talking surface pain, but deep, ugly pain that permeates downstream processes, erodes profit, increases waste, kills productivity or reduces credibility.

The story you showcase must stem from this pain point. And to do this properly, you need to understand both the buyers and influencers involved in the purchase process. Even though your sales engineers may be industry veterans, don’t assume that everyone has the same understanding of the prospect and what drives them. Long gone are the days of selling features and benefits, but it still surprises us how often the prospect’s real pain is missed by the sales team or B2B marketing collateral.

Next Steps to Success

Start by developing the persona of the key influencers the video is intended to appeal to. Outline in detail the demographics, psychographics and any other information that helps paint the picture of your prospect. After all, it’s about them, not your company. Once you understand the prospect’s story, only then can you begin to develop a script – a compelling story – focused on their point of view.

Have you tried highlighting the prospect’s pain in your recent video? We’d love to hear the outcome!

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