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When you have a blockbuster budget and millions of loyal fans you’d expect marketing videos to have glitz Hollywood style. But what if you are marketing to engineers or other technical decision makers and your budget is, well let’s just say, not quite blockbuster scale?

Follow these five keys to producing a video that will be on budget and move the needle with prospects.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. A compelling story
  3. A keen call to action
  4. Production value that delights
  5. A clever twist

We’ll take a look at each one of these in a series of blog posts, starting with the importance of key messages.

Keep it simple

Typically, if you’re producing a video, you’re investing time and resources into the project because you want to produce a business outcome: an increase in sales, an increase in registrations for your event, or some other measurable goal. In other words, your goal is change what your prospect Knows, Thinks or Does.  To do this, what you say and how you say it needs to resonate with them.

Consider both the consistency of the message and the words you use.

Whether a prospect, customer or partner visits your webpage or social media properties, calls into your facility, reads your marketing collateral or interacts with anyone in your firm, the message they receive should be the same every time. Everyone needs to sing from the same songbook. Descriptions of your service or product need to be consistent. Doing so ensures that video collateral aligns with your other marketing assets and ultimately that everything supports your corporate goals.

The words you choose to use are important as well. In technical, B2B environments the sales cycle can take months or years, and some influencers may or may not be technical – so the script needs to be understandable to a wide range of viewers. The words you use should be familiar, straightforward and jargon free – yes even in a technical industry.

TIP: To ensure your video is easily consumed in bite sized chunks, avoid acronyms and replace or explain technical terms with plain language.

Follow this first guideline of Keeping It Simple and you’ll be on course to effectively leveraging the most powerful medium online.

Keep an eye out for the next essential ingredient for B2B video success next week!