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It is often said that smart technology, efficient processes and great people are what it takes to create and sustain a remarkable organization.

There’s a tendency for some organizations to lean on their engineers – those at the cutting edge of their I.P. – to help establish a thought leadership position. They’re often asked to develop the content for end-user presentations or to help produce collateral to help shorten the sales cycle. But this could be a mistake.

The B2B sales cycle often includes technical end-users, but also non-technical influencers. Your message could be lost on the non-technical audience if the content is rife with industry jargon or complex material. Also, engineers knee deep in product development or implementations are often too busy meeting project deadlines or dealing with process issues to give content development the time it deserves.

A happy medium that we’ve used for years is to engage your engineers and benefit from their insight by interviewing them. This minimizes their time commitment and ensures you capture relevant content, while crafting a message in plain language that resonates with your target audience.

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