Proactive Communications Drive Dialogue

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In today’s 24 hour news environment it’s easy to slip into a reactive communications mode, responding to events that are happening external to the organization rather than driving the conversation. This can take the form of a reaction to the stock market, industry news, or political shifts or … [Read more...]

Creating Content at Conferences

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The Advantis team recently returned from yet another successful content creation and development project and we’d like to share some key learnings. A long-time client invited us again to join them at Autodesk University 2012 to secure media coverage, to create content for social media and to feed … [Read more...]

Social media management: Two (or three) heads are better than one!

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I came across an infographic not too long ago that was (you guessed it) pretty informative! The graphic illustrates an example of how airlines are allocating more resources to social media by getting staff from more than one department actively involved with the distribution of content. This … [Read more...]

Be original and get noticed!

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“Content creation”, “custom content”, “self publishing”, “branded content”…it goes by many names, but simply refers to the process of developing and sharing original content for the purpose of engaging and influencing your target market. … [Read more...]

Keys for killer B2B content

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Case studies, corporate videos, byline articles, seminars and more. These are examples of informational content that PR and marketing professionals have been producing for decades as part of the classic marketing mix. In recent years, interest has grown in B2B content marketing, mostly fuelled by … [Read more...]

Social media is not the holy grail


In a recent report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, an astute entrepreneur was quoted: “ is the same as it has been forever. [The key is] providing a product or service of the best possible quality at a fair and reasonable price. This will always be recognized by … [Read more...]