Seven Steps to Excellent Speech Writing

Peter Speaking

A speech is an opportunity to influence thought and behaviour. A well thought out and executed speech can build profile for a business leader, garner support from shareholders, put a face to a brand and establish thought leadership. So, don’t take it lightly. The following seven steps are … [Read more...]

What is News?

Newspaper Image

In today’s 24 hour, connected world, this is the billion dollar question. With the constant news cycle and breaking news available instantly via social media, what makes a story newsworthy? Are the principles the same as they have always been, or has the definition of newsworthiness morphed as … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips To Turn Your Leader Into An Effective Communicator

Robin McCasland, Cyrus Mavalwala

As an IABC 500 club member I have a vested interest in ensuring IABC continues to evolve and remain relevant to communication professionals. So I try to take opportunities to chat with the many IABC influencers such as the hard working volunteer leaders. While judging awards on the 2013 IABC Gold … [Read more...]

Proactive Communications Drive Dialogue

Wikimedia-Commons - Patsy Lynch

In today’s 24 hour news environment it’s easy to slip into a reactive communications mode, responding to events that are happening external to the organization rather than driving the conversation. This can take the form of a reaction to the stock market, industry news, or political shifts or … [Read more...]

Three Tips to Keep your Key Messaging on Target

Key Messages

When communicating on behalf of an organization, product, or service, how do you ensure that the messages will be remembered? How can you be certain the audience will take away what you want them to know? The answer is to think in threes. Any more key messages and you run the risk of the entire … [Read more...]

3 Easy Steps to Thought Leadership


  Demonstrating thought leadership increases your visibility and credibility and can ultimately lead to a virtuous cycle: journalists seeking you out for interviews as well as organizations offering speaking opportunities – both of which further bolster your position. Here are a few things … [Read more...]