Seven Steps to Excellent Speech Writing

Peter Speaking

A speech is an opportunity to influence thought and behaviour. A well thought out and executed speech can build profile for a business leader, garner support from shareholders, put a face to a brand and establish thought leadership. So, don’t take it lightly. The following seven steps are … [Read more...]

Three Tips to Keep your Key Messaging on Target

Key Messages

When communicating on behalf of an organization, product, or service, how do you ensure that the messages will be remembered? How can you be certain the audience will take away what you want them to know? The answer is to think in threes. Any more key messages and you run the risk of the entire … [Read more...]

6 Questions to Ask Before Jumping into an e-Book

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This guest post is by Barb Sawyers, who helps experts pull ideas out of their heads and onto the page through her book, Write Like You Talk—Only Better. If you're thinking about diving into the fast-growing medium of ebooks, here are six questions to ask before you take the plunge: 1. What is … [Read more...]

Prepare an award-winning communications entry

OVATION awards

As a regular volunteer with IABC Toronto (Toronto chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators), I had the great privilege to organize the OVATION awards program for two years. The program celebrates excellence in communications and is open to all Greater Toronto Area … [Read more...]

Newsletter points to ponder

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A client has been thinking of introducing an e-newsletter, and no wonder. Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen calls email newsletters “the Internet’s best tool for supplementing a website.” Few promotional efforts can claim the degree of “customer buy-in” enjoyed by newsletters, Nielsen … [Read more...]

Make your messages a jargon-free zone

Jargon Image

Every industry has its jargon, and oh my, people love to use it. Jargon is the specialized or technical language of a trade, profession or group; kind of like a secret handshake. You're in if you know it, a clueless outsider if you don't. Two official definitions of jargon give you all the … [Read more...]