5 Essential Ingredients for B2B Video Success – #5

Intriguing Video

When you think of B2B video, do you think Boring-to-Boring? A typical challenge that many B2B organizations face when producing video is taking their complex subject matter and developing a story that is interesting, engaging and easy to digest. You could argue that technical viewers are happy … [Read more...]

Social Media This Week: Twitter Profile Updates

SMTW - Twitter

  This week in social media Twitter announced they would be rolling out new profile designs as well as some new key features for users. Many of the updates seem to be taking a page from the Facebook book. Updates include:   1.) Larger Profile Picture and Header Image Benefits: More … [Read more...]

What is News?

Newspaper Image

In today’s 24 hour, connected world, this is the billion dollar question. With the constant news cycle and breaking news available instantly via social media, what makes a story newsworthy? Are the principles the same as they have always been, or has the definition of newsworthiness morphed as … [Read more...]

5 Essential Ingredients for B2B Video Success – #4

Talent in front of Green Screen

This is the fourth installment in our series of blog posts about producing video that is engaging and moves the needle when it comes to marketing measurement.  Today’s topic is about ensuring production value delights the viewer. Corporate marketers often underestimate the effort it takes to … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Use Secret Pinterest Boards to Your Advantage

Secret Pinterest Boards

Did you know Pinterest recently announced you can create an unlimited number of boards that are visible only to you? You’ve probably noticed an option to “keep it secret” when creating boards [see Figure 1 for a sample], but up until now, you could only have three secret boards. Figure … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips To Turn Your Leader Into An Effective Communicator

Robin McCasland, Cyrus Mavalwala

As an IABC 500 club member I have a vested interest in ensuring IABC continues to evolve and remain relevant to communication professionals. So I try to take opportunities to chat with the many IABC influencers such as the hard working volunteer leaders. While judging awards on the 2013 IABC Gold … [Read more...]