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Conference Keynote

A great speaker should excite, engage and enrich your audience. Cyrus Mavalwala works hard to make that happen.

Review the conference keynote topics below and hear from conference organizers as to why they choose Cyrus to speak at their most prestigious events.

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The Age of Imagery

Creating Compelling Content for Today’s Digital World

Today’s challenge for communicators and marketers is to grab, and keep, the audience’s attention at a time when they have more choice than ever before. The one critical success factor underlying every effective digital strategy is compelling content. What is the brain science behind making written, audio and video content engaging? How can you assess your own content to determine if it makes the grade? And how can you promote sharing and interaction?

Does your organization’s marketing and communication follow best practices, lead your competitors and stand up to the most powerful content on the web? If not, this session which has been delivered in both Canada and the United States to rave reviews, will answer the why and how to creating compelling content for social channels.

This presentation is relevant to every communication and marketing professional who touches the researching, producing, editing or publishing of content for either internal or external audiences.